Device of Judo (and all kind ) coaching. Task & Team

 “If you are satisfied about your results: develop!” 

“If you are not satisfied about your results: change!” 

Willem Visser 


 One can distinguish the a number of ingredients in a task. Targets and sub targets are main aspects in performance management. The way to the result (the ultimate target) has always to be divided into sub targets. A task is inextricable bounded up with authority and responsibility. 

It is strictly needed to execute the task in an environment of social, mental and physical safety. 

For executing a task one needs to be facilitated in the broadest sense.


 The characteristics of a team are: 

  • combined objectives; 
  • combined standard and values, in which one can recognize own standards and values; 
  • awakening and acting with awareness; 
  • willing and being able to cooperate, if needed subordinating oneself; 
  • identification and radiation. 

A team is performing with people a task and the aim is result!. Respect for the individual is the base for a good acting team. 

The basis aspects for a good acting team are: 

  • good definition of the method of executing; 
  • meaningful duties and responsibilities; 
  • clear performance targets; 
  • combined responsibilities; 
  • small team
  • complementary skills

A team performance is: the way some people jointly undertake something, so more or less belong together, present knowledge and expertise in their own language. The appearance and performance are presented based on net asset values, which are the ethical, aesthetic and personal meanings. 

A medal one never wins alone 

In individual sports and in team sports there is always talk of a team; the sports team, the coaching staff, the team of coach and sportswoman/sportsman etc. 

So in performance management teambuilding has an important place can be needful and useful. 

Willem Visser

Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer, 8th Dan Judo IJF 

With gratitude to all my teachers, specialists, colleagues and especially all the judoka that I was allowed to guide and to coach. 

Sources and inspiring professionals: 

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