Device of Judo (and all kind ) coaching

 “If you are satisfied about your results: develop!” 

“If you are not satisfied about your results: change!” 

Willem Visser 


 This device was created by myself and I am still using this in all kind of coaching.  It will be published in two additional issues

Development is a very important aspect in performance management and development has to be based on a vision. 

My vision of development is: to come to an optimal development of all potential human forces, based on integrity, humility, respect, patience and compassion for benefit and general wellbeing. 

This development is depending on culture, mentality, individual performance and team performance. 

Around this basic aspects I was developing four satellites: 

➢ Man, team, task and result; 

➢ Ambition, efforts, obstacles and results; 

➢ Group functionality, self-discipline, self-evaluation; self-responsibility and self-determination; 

➢ Team spirit, perfect performance of team tasks, fixed plan; credibility and clarity. 

 Man in a team goes through a few stages: 

1. the contact phase: cautious behaviour, uncertainty, wondering, in need of information, power 

2. the orientation phase: subgroup formation, there occurs an early certainty and confidence, between the subgroups there is uncertainty and lack of trust, images are formed, social insecurity 

3. the mission phase: the hierarchy is formed, external orientation, contact occurs between the subgroups, an informal leader is sought 

4. the style shaping phase: content is determined, tasks are included, informal rules, own manners, discretion, personal style, confidence, honesty, openness, cooperation 

5. the standard phase: open group, priority goals, individual identity, a lot of confidence, uncertainty, social control, social safety net, social support (peer support), synergy 

In the contact phase, the orientation phase and in the mission phase, one works task-oriented

In the style shaping phase and standard phase one works more people-oriented and they can also account for behaviour in this phase. 

Willem Visser

Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer, 8th Dan Judo IJF 

With gratitude to all my teachers, specialists, colleagues and especially all the judoka that I was allowed to guide and to coach. 

Sources and inspiring professionals: 

Van der Horst, Cobben, Abe, Saitoh, Yamashita, Uemura, Sugawara, Murata, Hosokawa, Komata, Takahashi, Nakamura, Kasuga, Kawashima, Kariya, Brousse, Besson, Rougé, Ruska, Geesink, de Cree, Barta, Vachun, Viser, Lascau, McConnell, Snijders, Sins, Hoogendijk, Boersma, Odinot, van Dijk, Klok, Agúndez, Landsberg, Covey, de Waal, DeCaluwe, Drucker, Franzen, Goldratt, Hammer, Kets de Vries, Kotler, Mastenbroek, Mintzberg, Peters, Porter, Quinn, ten Bos, Trompenaars, Vinke, Weggeman, Wissema and many others. 

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