The aim of the Judo Management workshops is  to benefit from the analogies between the the values and principles of  judo and the modern management.

Fields of application

Putting values into action

Respect and leadership go hand in hand.

Leadership is not a top management reserved or exclusive responsibility. The  Judo approach, "the gentle way",  suggests that leadership does not depend only on power and strength, it depends on intelligence, skills and our ability to adapt.

The use of force

When they push you pull.

The best strategy is to adapt flexibly and intelligently to the manoeuvres of the opponent, in order to use the force that is behind them, and thus subdue or neutralize the opponent’s attack. 

Adaptation and flexibility in order to tackle challenges that arise 

Judo, an innovative response

Judo as a metaphor to describe business strategy and the ways that some companies compete against others that were very well established in the internet era.

Turning difficulties into opportunities

The gentle way, is a win win approach

What a negotiation is, other than seeking to unbalance the opponent in order to launch our range of offers and counteroffers? 


Japanesse readers feedback

Judo Management in Japan

Very good feedback from Japanese readers. 5 Stars book. Arigatō 日本の柔道マネジメントの読者からの非常に良いフィードバック。 とても感謝しています



Ferran Agúndez

Advisory council

Judo Management founder with broad experience in management and leadership issues. Advisory board member at Connociam Consulting. 4th Dan Judo

Xavier Ferràs

Advisory Council

MBA,PhD, Professor of Operations, Innovation & Data Sciences at ESADE, consultant, lecturer, blogger and entrepreneur. 2nd Dan Judo

Willem Visser

Advisory Council

Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer. Cultural change, and interim directorships. Olympic judo coach, 8th Dan Judo IJF.



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