Kodokan Judo focusses on all aspects of the human existence

 The interest for Kodokan Judo has developed. This interest is also arisen because kata games have been held, which at international level are judged according to Kodokan standards. However it will also be good if in the future the values and standards of Kodokan Judo were entirely recognized. 

Kodokan Judo is based upon values found in pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, mechanics, biomechanics and logics. 

Contemporary Judo is not primarily a method of self-defense, such as that which can be used by military or police forces (Busen Judo). Judo has become a pedagogical game, sport, top level sport, and a cultural exercise activity. Of course Judo contains many that can instantly be used by military and police forces; that requires only a change in one’s mental perception for the specific situation. The great contribution of Kodokan Goshin Jitsu in the basic curriculum for military and police forces has been clearly shown this. 

Judo training and the Judo mentality can be important for every human being faced with situations of low tension, but particularly in high tension situations. Besides to be directed toward physical well-being and resistance there are also branches within Judo which are exclusively directed towards its ethical and philosophical aspects. One may and based on historical, concrete as well as abstract considerations have respect for both. 

Kodokan Judo focusses on all aspects of the human existence, and all forms of scientific knowledge can, will and should be applied during Kodokan Judo’s further development. And it goes without saying that these developments will be directed towards the Judo principle: seiryoku zenyo jita kyoei (maximum use of energy for usefulness and the common good). These developments always must be tested according to ‘the truth, the correct and the aesthetical’; that essence which gives stability. 

Kodokan Judo is characterized by evolutionary progress

Kodokan Judo in a prime example of focus on humanity and human dignity; all developments within Kodokan Judo have to meet these components; components with which an ideal community can be built. 

The principle ‘seiryoku zenyo jita kyoei’ will raise Judo above the level of ordinary sport and for this reason Judo when seen as a pedagogical game, sport, top level sport and cultural exercise activity, will be exclusive and distinctive. 

Artificial division of Judo into ‘modern Judo’ versus ‘Judo traditional’ and/or ‘Olympich Judo’ versus ‘recreational Judo’ are then not necessary. Such divisions are even highly undesirable, because with them the specific values of Judo are not recognized and are even sometimes ignored. Furthermore, Judo as a game, sport and Olympic sport will have to satisfy the specific characteristics of humanity and human dignity, which moreover are incorporated in the Judo principle. 

The Kodokan Go Kyo No Waza system develops the greatest possible shaping of movement according to the basis of seiryoku zenyo jita kyoei. 


Executive Coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer, 

8th dan Judo IJF, four-time Olympic Coach in Judo.

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