Judo, Fighting with dignity by Willem Visser

In this article, Willem Visser, Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer, sets forth how Judo can also give a great contribution to good behavior of the individual in all aspects of live; intellectual, moral, social and social interaction.
The Judo principles of Seiryoku Zenyo and Jita Kyoei.

“If Seiryoku Zenyo and Jita Kyoei are achieved, then social life will continue developing and improving in a natural way. And as members of society everyone can reach what they hope for.” 

(Professor Jigoro Kano (1860-1938) minister of Education and Culture and founder of Kodokan Judo.) 

Willem Visser  Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer, 8th Dan Judo IJF 

With gratitude to all my teachers, specialists, colleagues and especially all the judoka that I was allowed to guide and to coach. 

Sources and inspiring professionals: 

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