Giving feedback; How to write your personal coach report?

To guide and to coach the different  types of athlets (staff) a coach can use  the personal coach report. 

It is advisable to make and hand out a coaching report at least once a year (at the end of a season) with an account of the observations done according to the following criteria: 

  • Technique (general)
  • Attack 
  • Defence 
  • Development 
  • Personal 

Coaching reports can be of a different character: 

a. General: With references to a certain match or a certain period. 

b. Specific: These reports are person-orientated coaching-reports 

An overall text might be written for this according to the above criteria or a criteria-form could be used on which items are to be underlined. 

Example of an overall coaching report

Ad. a. 

Coaching report for:……………. 


Of course it is good to use positive or constructive feedback. 

Negative feedback disturbs the relation between the athlete and the coach and can be even the end of the relation between athlete and coach. 

Willem VisserExecutive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer 8th Dan Judo IJF 

With gratitude to all my teachers, specialists, colleagues and especially all the judoka that I was allowed to guide and to coach.
Sources and inspiring professionals: Van der Horst, Cobben, Abe, Saitoh, Yamashita, Uemura, Sugawara, Murata, Hosokawa, Komata, Takahashi, Nakamura, Kasuga, Kawashima, Kariya, Brousse, Besson, Rougé, Ruska, Geesink, de Cree, Barta, Vachun, Viser, Lascau, McConnell, Snijders, Sins, Hoogendijk, Boersma, Odinot, van Dijk, Klok and many others.