Fighting with Dignity, the Judo management book prologue

Professor Dr. de Bruyn of the University of Antwerp, in a post academic lecture entitled The Creative Thinking, said: “Salvador Dali was really creative, more so than other painters, because he combined, in a unique way, two completely different objects.” Dr. de Bruyn gave the example of an artistic work by Salvador Dali in which a lobster was combined with a telephone, “Lobster Telephone”.

Ferran Agúndez is really creative, more than many other management consultants because he combines the philosophy of Kodokan Judo and the principles of leadership and management; he does so in a unique way!

Mr. Ferran Agúndez brings together the wisdom of Professor Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, and the knowledge or Professor Peter Drucker, a management guru. In fact, Mr. Agúndez uses the principles of Kodokan Judo, Professor Jigoro Kano, as a fundament for operational leadership and management theory of Harvard Business School as developed by Dr. Drucker.

By writing this book, Mr. Ferran Agúndez contributes greatly to optimising the development of all potential human strengths, based on integrity, humility, respect, patience and compassion, for mutual prosperity for self and others.

This book is a guide to modernisation of leadership and management in a continuously changing world!

Fighting with Dignity 

Struggle becomes a worthy struggle when everyone always has the best goal in mind, when all the mental and physical energy is used to reach the goal and when everyone completely realizes their own perfect balance and harmony and therefore serves society. Fighting with dignity (worthily struggling) means that you yourself are moving at the highest level and the highest level is the perfection of your own person with as highest goal perfection of society. 

In Japan one knows the principle of Seiryoku Zenyo Jita Kyoei (maximum efficiency of use of energy for common well-being) and if one lives according to this principle then one is constantly and consciously doing to develop all individual skills such as targeting, virtue, willpower, courage and compliance (indulgence) used for the common good. Jita Kyoei (common well-being) can be seen as the principle of balance of society. Seiryoku Zenyo is nourishment (power). 

Fighting with dignity the most effective use of your mental and physical energy can be used on all aspects of life. Therefore one has to find a way to apply the principle on every aspect of life and one must live to it. 

Seen from an Intellectual view in all our fights one should determine first what the goal is that we envision; carefulness, observation, power to consider, assessment capacity and imagination can be applied by development and following the principle. If there is no clear goal the principle cannot be practiced. 

Morally there will be, prior to the fight, mentally to be determined what is right and wrong. But only knowledge of good and evil is not enough. Being trained in wanting the good and not wanting the evil is a part of moral development. The will and habits to act well will be trained and continuously developed by applying the principles. Training of good habits (rituals) strengthens the right action. The best intentions to refuse the evil can fail when one is not accustomed to act so. 

At the Social level a group only needs one person with selfish acts to have a conflict and the application of the principle is no longer possible. Therefore selfishness should be avoided and one should act based on mutual aid and concession. In that way harmony is created and conflicts are avoided or resolved in a natural way. Overall balance is a state of being which is trained and developed by training the principles. 

Application of the principle Seiryoku Zenyo Jita Kyoei is also possible at Social Interaction. Fury, anger and hatred eat energy as well as disappointment, grievances and quarrels. Therefore these are not states of mind in line with the principle.

The principle can be fundamental in solving all kinds of, especially moral, issues. The energy of fury and anger can better be used to see what is right and to continue on the path. 

Leading yourself every day according to the principle makes the individual and society as a harmonious unit. So demand a lot of yourself and be generous to others.

“If Seiryoku Zenyo and Jita Kyoei are achieved, then social life will continue developing and improving in a natural way. And as members of society everyone can reach what they hope for”. 

JIGORO KANO (1860-1938)


Executive Coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer, 

8th dan Judo IJF, four-time Olympic Coach in Judo.