Without imagination no result

Love your work, keep your goal clearly in mind, know the way to your goal accurately, maybe even the spindle and the captain of your team, be prepared that the last part is the hardest. This way you stay mentally strong in your career.

Life is characterized by ambition, effort, obstacles and results. That ambition is created through imagination and to achieve results, efforts should be made and obstacles to be overcome. These obstacles are mostly mental in nature and with changes mentality of all is of great importance. Changes in society almost always go hand in hand with changes in organizations and this time is marked by an appeal to one’s own responsibility for one’s development and success. One cannot take for granted anymore naturally established facilities and no longer one can lean on and take support on the seemingly endless amenities and people.

This can be seen as a threat, but it can also be seen as a huge incentive. Responsibility for own development and success is at the same time a good guarantee for a good future of the individual and the group.

Personal ambition is a good basis for success and development and, as mentioned earlier, you must have imagination. In imagination is no place for fear, because fear is just a reflection of the imagination!

Where would we be without imagination? Probably still in the Stone Age. All one can see, first existed in the imagination. The entire human environment consists of products of the imagination. Man walks around in a world of frozen dreams. To those dreams you can add your own dream. That doesn’t happen by itself, because there are rules and even laws.

What are those rules or laws?

  1. The image must be created out of love; to make a true image one should start to move. But you will only start moving when the image is emotionally appealing to you. So you have to love the goal.
  2. The picture should be clear; that clarity must come from within. Clear images are not castles in the air. When you look from the bottom up, you miss not only the overview, but chances are also very high that one will lose all his courage.
  3. The image must be accurate; a clear picture is not enough. If you look down from the top of a mountain, you can discern a path that leads to the top. The beginning is easy, gradually it becomes more difficult. You can only go on by trial and error and sometimes you need a break, but you get higher and higher ..
  4. The realization of an image requires a focused team effort; the realization of the image requires a focused effort by the entire team. Are you willing to give yourself as an individual for the team, the group? Can you handle that? Have you already taken that position?
  5. When realizing an image the last part is the most difficult; the last part is the hardest and most difficult. Here one must make the most effort for the smallest bit of progress. Can you afford that? Do you realize all the consequences? Do you know how much discipline it takes? If you succeed it will give the greatest satisfaction, it is a precious treasure, but it will take you to the limit.
  6. The implementation of an image starts with the decision; the decision to make the best of it, the decision to be boss in “one’s own home”. Therefore spring cleaning in your head is first necessary and then a state of relaxed concentration, so you built upconfidence because you know you’re doing well. A decision you will often have to repeat before it actually occurs, you’ll have to adjust and make decisions again and again.

Do your best and work in silence. Maybe when you encounter difficulties, talk about them with people you trust, but make sure that your own imagination will follow you. So be true to yourself and let the world see who you are, what you want, what you can do and what you do. Expanding boundaries is a skill and perfection is by definition always one step beyond the final frontier…

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere.” (Einstein)

Willem Visser, Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer 8th Dan Judo IJF 

With gratitude to all my teachers, specialists, colleagues and especially all the judoka that I was allowed to guide and to coach.

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