Published and available at Amazon the French edition of the Judo Management book.

Publshed and avaliable at  Amazon the Judo Magement book french edition.

Very satisfied with the great work done in its translation by Professor Michel Bourret, un poète du quotidien, father of judokas and a good friend, who made an excellent French version.  

I had the immense privilege that each of the three editions of the book were prefaced by three people who have in common to be judokas, recognized experts in their professional field and exceptional beings. My gratitude goes to my friend and training comrade, Xavier Ferràs, professor at ESADE 2nd dan, to Sensei Willem Visser IJF 8th dan who opened up his extraordinary work to me and to Yves Cadot 6th dan, member of the French Academy of Judo and author of this preface, who should I thank for his contribution, not only in this book, but also for his books and studies on judo, its history and its philosophy. Many thanks to all three for their vision and expertise.  

And above all, I must thank Marta Sans and her EditaHub team for their extraordinary work, without them this book would not have been possible.

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