As a coach what I should to consider?. Look at these 18 points by Willem Visser

 Points to consider in coaching  

1. As a coach you should make clear what you believe in; what is the underlying idea of your actions. Those ideas may result in changing actions and habits. It can lead to regulations. Of course this will be evaluated. 

2. As a coach you have to distinguish what the purpose of the coached person is: respect, adventure, money or the will to do the job well. 

3. As a coach you should develop the skill to steer the good. 

4. As a coach you should provide good information and use the right language. 

5. As a coach you should give good explanation, tell how to do something and why it must be done. Convincing usefulness and necessity. 

6. As a coach you should not always intervene, let mistakes happen, so one can gain experience. 

7. As a coach you should assist in reflection. 

8. As a coach you should reinforce in group assignments by individual approach (seperate an individual and don’t address them in front of the group). 

9. Every coach is different, but: democratic leadership does not mean that everyone will have his way and authoritarian leadership does not say one is unfriendly. 

10. As a coach you should make everything as graphically as possible, even by its own example. 

11. As coach you should never lie. 

12. Silence can be very functional. 

13. A very important activity principle is approximate a person in total and paying attention to the emotional aspects is of great importance. 

14. As a coach you should act, taking into account that there is persistence of human interaction with moments of tension and relaxation moments. 

15. As a coach your performance should be functional; after a period of time, the intention of the coached person and the coach should be clear. After the content the form is created (Style formation). 

16. It is evident that self-criticism and self-evaluation are necessary. 

17. To observe, to analyse and to act are of great importance.. 

18. A leadership without humour is doomed to fail. 

Willem Visser, Executive coach, Strategic Adviser, International Lecturer 8th Dan Judo IJF 

With gratitude to all my teachers, specialists, colleagues and especially all the judoka that I was allowed to guide and to coach.

Sources and inspiring professionals:

Van der Horst, Cobben, Abe, Saitoh, Yamashita, Uemura, Sugawara, Murata, Hosokawa, Komata, Takahashi, Nakamura, Kasuga, Kawashima, Kariya, Brousse, Besson, Rougé, Ruska, Geesink, de Cree, Barta, Vachun, Viser, Lascau, McConnell, Snijders, Sins, Hoogendijk, Boersma, Odinot, van Dijk, Klok and many others.

Top Image:  Maurici Casasayas Soler in charge of Centre de Tecnificació Bages i Moianés, today 20th of february 2021 has reached 6td Dan Judo.  Congratulations!!!!