Judo Management Method


  “The purpose of the study of judo is to perfect yourself and to contribute to society.”.
Jigoro Kano,

 Judo founder


Learning by doing and then reflecting what happened.

The aim of the  Judo Management method is indeed to benefit from the analogies between the two disciplines, judo and management. This combination of the two disciplines is an example of how we can draw inspiration from fields of knowledge that are apparently very different and unrelated in order to develop skills that help us to achieve our personal and professional objectives. 


Workshops combine adapted judo exercises for non-judo practitioners which are complemented with support material such as videos, presentations, articles and the study of cases in order to promote debate and discussion. 

At the end of the session, we set aside time for conclusions and, lastly, we prepare an individual action plan. 


Judo is not just storytelling, a tale to accompany the principles, tools and tasks of management, it is management in itself. It is learning to use resources effectively and efficiently.

The design of the workshop with a multi-sensory integration of information contributes to strengthen the message and enhances the learning experience.

JUDO “the soft way”

Judo was founded by Jigoro Kano at the end of the 19th century with a clear educational purpose.

To combat his physical weaknesses, Kano began practising ju-jitsu, a martial art without weapons developed by and for samurais, discovering through his practice that he was not only become stronger physically but also intellectually and therefore could apply it to his life and as an innovative response to Japan´s modernisation. 

“Two vastly differing experiences, when combined, can give a union of strengths where the overall result is definitely much greater than the sum of the two individual parts. Ferran Agundez meshes the philosophy of Judo, the “gentle way” with the competitiveness and uncertainty of corporate business, all taken from his own life as a 4th dan judoka and international businessman. 

The combination is surprising, invigorating and provocative”. 

DOUGLAS PATE, Expert, Emotional Communication, 

TEDx Speaker.

“When we apply the idea of learning by doing to an MBA, we normally think about company case studies that enable students to further examine business management tools, learn the lessons of the past first hand from successful companies, take complex decisions and learn from failures to ensure they are not repeated. Ferran applies the maxim of teaching in an even more practical way with Judo Management, where pupils are transformed, thanks to a judogui and his teachings, in order to get first-hand experience of daily situations in a company such as negotiating, team work and achieving results collectively”. 

DR. XAVIER AMORES, Director of the MBA Programme at the University of Girona. 

“An innovative proposal for transferring the practical knowledge and values of judo into the world of business”. 


“Undoubtedly one of the most interesting training activities that we have carried out with clients. We carried it out in a context of economic recession, a lack of differentiation, and with sales forces struggling to stay motivated. It is a good tool both for the ongoing training of sales teams, and for a fun day of team building. In our case, a practical demonstration that strength based on the best price is not always the key to defeating an opponent”. 

FIDEL ESPIÑEIRA, Business Unit Manager Aircon Division, Haier Iberia SLU.

“One session of Judo Management is not enough to cover everything that judo offers to strengthen leadership. The practical part was really enlightening. One of the lessons that I liked most, as a judoka, was that it is necessary to take advantage of the inertia of the other in order for them to provide value to both me and the company”. 

DRA. CATHERINE VIDAL, Director General of Premiumlab. 

“Ferran masterfully combines a suit and tie with a judogui and belt in order to take us further along the path of flexibility that Judo Management represents. Based on his extensive experience, he offers us a great chance to develop values such as respect, courage, perseverance and self-knowledge within the organisational culture”. 

DR. ALEXIS APABLAZA CAMPOS, Digital Communication Consultant and University Lecturer. 

“Physical activity is not normally linked directly to the ability to efficiently manage a business. However, there is a direct link between physical energy and mental energy. At Technogym we believe in the combination that was already well-known in Ancient Rome: mens sana in corpore sano, we cannot achieve extraordinary results without the combination of body and mind. The experience we have had at Judo Management accurately reflects this principle which needs to become a part of our lives as a daily and lasting habit. Ferran’s coaching, thanks to his experience of judo and business management, was very useful in order to find and direct the energy that each of us has within ourselves and that it is necessary to know how to use in order to achieve our personal and professional objectives”. 

RENATO SENTA, Managing Director at Technogym. 

“If we read it, we will understand it; if we experience it, we will learn it. Undoubtedly, Judo Management is a very good proposal for creating cohesive teams”.